Traffic Exchanges 

Immediate Traffic To Your Site

Traffic Exchanges represent an opportunity to have one's offer, product or service viewed by other online Internet users all over the world.

A traffic exchange is just that, it is the act of viewing other websites in exchange for having your website viewed by others.  Most traffic exchanges are free for the basic service and have upgrade charges for free credits, and faster timers giving the paying customer more advertising for less time spent at the exchange.

We have a membership at all of the Traffic Exchanges below and recommend them all in order to maximize your free advertising.

All in all it is chance to get your products and services online in front of a live audience at a very low cost or zero cost.

EasyHits4U is one of the largest if not the largest traffic exchange in the market.  They have a lot of free tools such as a such as custom splash page/landing page builder and a rotator for showing your ads.  Once again  paid or up-graded member will be able to obtain more viewing credits for the same amount of time as a free member because their timer for viewing other websites is shorter.  As well paid members earn commissions when their referrals up-grade to paid member status.  To visit please click-here.

MembersRule has over 213,000 members, an 8 second timer, regular surfing and promoting contests.   Referring others is always a good way to get more free advertising.

There are several upgraded membership levels with enhanced advertising features and  a built in messaging system for members to connect with each other. To visit Members Rule please click-here.

WebmasterQuest has been around since 2000 as have many of the others.  The demand for Traffic Exchanges is  quite strong, and there are more and more people starting their own traffic exchanges every day.

WebmasterQuest allows you to save an inordinate number of programs in your surfing file.. Once again members who promote and find new referrals are paid in bonus advertising credits.   To visit WebmasterQuest please click-here.

SunnyHits is a newer member to this group of long time well established traffic exchanges.

It has been reliable and provided us with ample free promotion for quite some time.

It is important for us to support Sunny Hits because we understand the founder-owner-operator is a combat veteran of the U.S. Military.  Thank-you. To visit Sunny Hits please click-here.

TrafficG is another long time member of the all star traffic exchange club.  Their traffic exchange offers state of the art programming to store all your links and plenty of free traffic for free members.

One outstanding feature of this traffic exchange is that they give away 3000  free advertising credits every day to a random surfer who has surfed more than 5 webpages the previous day.  To visit TrafficG please click-here.

HungryForHits is perhaps the most modern traffic exchange in our offering because it has so many more features than any of the others.  We've been surfing this traffic exchange for a while and compared to some of the others we get a lot of credits for our time spent here.

Please visit and join HungryForHits by clicking here.

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TrafficAdBar like all other traffic exchanges runs a full 24/7 so this is truly a global village of people buying and selling their goods and services.  We've found this traffic exchange much like the others in that the more time we spend with them the effective our advertising campaigns seem to be.  For more great free exposure for your goods and services please click-here.

Developed and owned by Maryanne Myers long time PHP Programmer, Web Designer and Internet Marketer since 1998.  Very good website exposure with added features and bonus advertising for paid members.   To visit CherryTraffic please click-here.

Maryanne Myers of Webstars2k is the owner/developer here also.  This program is a hybrid program in that it offers a full service traffic exchange as well as, an efficient email marketing system.  The advertising is credit based so there is lots of advertising available for free members.  Paid members can earn commissions on their first and second tiers of referred sign-ups. To visit MajesticList please click-here.