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A safe-list provides a marketer with a means of delivering a message, usually about the availability of products or services.  It is usually with the understanding that the sender of one message will be the receiver of messages from others as well.  So it is sometimes recommended by owners of safe-list businesses that participants use a separate email address for safe-list email so that they can go through this mail and click on certain links to in turn receive advertising credits, that can be spent on more advertising.


With Pangea#1 safe-list group mail you can mail to the list for free,  since this is a credit based mailer system you can earn credits by visiting other participants offers.  You can read emails and visit websites to earn credits to mail your offers.  Upgraded members earn commissions when their referrals up-grade.  To visit this Pangea#1 please click-here.

HerculistPlus safe-list group mail is also one of the very best safe-list if not perhaps the best.  We've watched the evolution of eCommerce and Online Shopping take place over the last twenty years, and HerculistPlus has certainly kept pace by offering better and better advertising solutions.  Free members are always welcome! To visit HeculistPlus please click-here.

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Referral Frenzy safe-list group mail is promising to raise the price of the LifeTime Upgrade when they reach 1000 lifetime memberships and they are currently just over 900.   These people are in the right place at the right time, as I am sure you and I are.  To visit Referral Frenzy and scope out their reasonably priced offerings please click here.

Pangea#2 Safe-List Group Mail from Maryanne Myers.   The membership exceeds 92,000 it is just email, no banners ads.  You can store as many ads as you like.  Your ad will be featured on the front page of all members pages. Your ad will be featured in the referral pages.  Upgraded members receive random  free referrals in their downline, which in the event that the referral upgrades to paying member status would result in commission earnings, for the upgraded members.  To visit Pangea#2 please click here.

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European Safe-List group mail has plenty of free features as well as many upgrade feature including yur very own autoresponder.  There is a lot to be said about this company but without any further ado from me to visit European Safe-List please click here.

Elite SafeList group mail is a credit best mailer with banner and text advertising.  Up-grade anytime and get more advertising per week.

To visit Elite SafeList please click here.

Not a safe-list and not a traffic exchange, this site is an off-shoot from the old Free-For-All Links pages of days gone by, but a lot more effective.  For instance advertisers can post their link for free, and paid advertisers can advertise five FFA links not only on their own page but they are posted on the entire network's pages.   Earn commissions when your free advertisers upgrade.  To visit DragonFFA please click here. Safe-List Group Mail