mindset will make or break the deal

Jordan Belfort " The Real Wolf on Wall Street."

A very insightful view of the mechanics behind making the sale as illustrated here by Jordan Belfort,  who of course is The Real Wolf on Wall Street.   

Listen and watch while Jordan Belfort, demonstrates how one's mindset is the guiding force behind a winning sales presentation.

Jordan Belfort demonstrates his sales process in  "How the Best Sales People Can Sell Anything."

The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol

The Magic of believing takes us further into the mind showing us that is the way we perceive reality that reality exists for us and the possibilities surrounding consciously changing our subconscious mind.

An outline of the mechanics of this book can be found at "The Magic of Believing" by Claud Bristol Study Notes"

WWWithout a sense of urgency, desire loses its value ---Jim Rohn

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.  Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour.  Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits.  Keep your habits positive because they become your values.  Keep your values positive because they become your destiny.                                                                                   ---Mahatma Gandhi 

What lies behind us and what lies in front of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. --- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Denzel Washington - motivational Speech 2020

Listen to Denzel Washington's Motivational Speech 2020 by clicking here.