Where to Find new Leads

Our lead sources are part of the AutomaticBuilder > Resources > Leads & Traffic segment;  with the exception of MyLeadGenSecret which is my own addition to the mix,  because it provides a five tier downline income component at a very reasonable price and is extremely user-friendly.

AutomaticBuilder > Resources > Ad Revenue Module is where you will be able to sign-up and update your AutomaticBuilder Leads & Traffic advertising links, to make sure when your referrals sign-up with the recommended advertisers they will be signing-up under your link and you will be given credit for any sales that come from your pages. 

MyLeadGenSecret gives you the same leads daily with an added one or two hundred each day.  You get two hundred  as opposed to one hundred added daily when you get your first referral.    We think being able to email the same group daily is helpful in familiarizing the prospect with our goods and services, helping them to decide to take action.

If you are already part of Team AutomaticBuilder please be sure to update your own links for the Leads and Traffic section of AB at AutomaticBuilder > Resources > Ad Revenue Module, in your own back-office.

If you want to sign-up for AutomaticBuilder to get your own back-office and Ad Revenue Module please join here.


LeadPower not only delivers telephone verified leads but they also offer online training to help you get the very most from each of their leads.   At LeadPower you get 10 free leads no strings attached just to check-out their system.  Get your 10 FREE leads here.

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Extreme Lead Program

  • Done For You Solo eMail Marketing up to 50,000,000 eMails sent per month.
  • Contextual Ads, Get a Nearly Unlimited Number of Laser Targeted Prospects SentTo Your Landing Page.
  • Push Notification Ads Sent Out To Thousands of Responsive Prospects Starting in 24 - 48 hours.
  • SMS Text Done For You Low Cost Mass SMS Text Blasts Puts Your Message into Your Ideal Prospect Cell Phone.
  • Done For You Complete Lead Solutions - Get a Quality List of Opt-in Subscribers For Your Offers.
  • The more great marketing service please  click here to visit the Extreme Lead Program.

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